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Seoul39s Oldest Chinese Restaurant Andongjang Around Korea

Seoul39s Oldest Chinese Restaurant Andongjang Around Korea


It's mostly found in the Chinese restaurants in Korea. And Andongjang, is one of such Chinese ...

Andongjang - The Oldest Korean Chinese Restaurant in Seoul - Review of Andongjang, Seoul, South Korea - TripAdvisor

Jjampong (짬뽕), Jjangmyeon (짜장면) & Tangsuyuk (탕수육) @ Andongjang Chinese Restaurant, Seoul, Korea

I've heard of this place a couple of times and how good were their dumplings; so my roommate and I decided to give it a try. The shop is not attractive ...

O'mori Jajangmyeon

Seoul's oldest chinese restaurant, Andongjang


As with most korean cuisine, its served in one pot in the middle on a gas stove and you all patiently watch it cook before digging into the communal pot.

10 Best Local Restaurants in Seoul - Seoul's Top Restaurants for Local Dishes

(4) 안동장 (Andongjang). Andongjang is one of the most renowned Chinese-Korean restaurant ...

... easily the best that i had and it is very very similar to the one in Seoul (read more about Andongjang, the oldest Korean Chinese restaurant in Seoul).


Myeongdong Gyoja (Gyoza) – Most popular Restaurant in Myeong District | Chin Chai Jiak

Had lunch at Andongjang, the oldest Chinese restaurant in Seoul. This is jajangmyeon. I've always thought jajangmyeon is Korean but it's actually Chinese, ...

Left — right: Pajeon (Korean pancake), Tosokchon Samgyetang entrance, Korean Black Chicken Ginseng Soup.

Photo shot by Korea Travel Notes

Ok, this is not exactly the ONLY food stuff I bought but I basically went for grocery shopping on the first night I was there to try out some of the items ...

Our spread. Puffer fish stew with healthy brown rice.

... few photos around the area and pack your own lunch ! It won't be as fun as well if you have to have lunch at one of those stalls along the road.

Of course I'm not leaving out the Korean-Chinese cuisines! Who leaves Korea without trying at least Jjajangmeon/Jjamppong or Japchae rice right? Andongjang ...

[Recommend] More than 50 Years History Restaurants In Seoul Part 2

Kyochon Chicken – The Korean Fried Chicken that's worth the wait | Chin Chai Jiak

With Rice Bowl Fusion closed, Seoul Korean Restaurant is basically the ONLY authentic Korean restaurant in town. How ironic considering the number of Asians ...

Stick to the basic samgyetang (14,000 won) or black chicken samgyetang (20,000 won) to try the authenticity of this dish

First of all, this is an absolutely famous place among tourists and it's a definitely must-try in Korea, regardless of whether you think it's overrated or ...

Anyways, when we finally got our orders, the first thing spotted was the price/plate which I felt was outrageous for a restaurant in Melaka.

Other notable highlights include Jeon/ Korean Pancake, Tteokpokki/ Stir Fried Rice Cake, raw-live Squid, Blood Sausage, Gimbap/ Korean-styled Sushi etc.

With the temperature dropping again to about 12 degrees Celcius, we decided to treat ourselves to a good Korean BBQ dinner in the area.

... shaved ice with sweetish Injeolmi powder, chewy cubes of rice cakes and almonds topping is definitely a unique, tasty treat that one must try in Korea.

I finally had a chance to try out Malaysian cuisine in a proper Malaysian restaurant in Canada! I was in Edmonton, Alberta over the weekend with sunbae for ...

... you can find everything, from snacks, traditional Korean food, bags, shoes, Kimchi, exotic seafood to the high-end silk, linen and the legendary Hanbok.

Hoddeok is one of Korea's most popular street food. It's freshly press-fried on a frying pan where the exterior is fried to crisp and is sometimes served in ...

Namdaemun Market (남대문시장) 21 Namdaemunsijang 4-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul 서울 중구 남대문시장4길 21. Korea ...

Retaining the spirit of tradition in South Korea

During my first visit with Bambi ( my Chinese friend), we headed here after our day trip to Moose Jaw. Good thing was this restaurant closes late (9.30pm) ...

... lots of people and servers bustling around the tables. I would think that this place cater more for tourist but we did see locals dining here as well.

First off, lunch at a Korean BBQ Restaurant. For 2 pax it cost about KRW22,000


Fish cake (odeng) and tteokbokki

Probably half roasted chicken. Super tasty, tender, and well roasted (RM30).

We spent 2 nights here; first because I knew this is sort of like a Chinese town-which ...

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Only one ahjumma was working on the pancakes

Special Chow Mein $10.50

Specialty: 굴짬뽕 (guljjamppong – oysters in spicy chinese noodles) – 8,000 won. Address: 서울시 중구 을지로3가 315-18 (Seoul, Jung-gu, Euljiro-3-ga 315-18)

... we had dinner at Imperial China Restaurant, Teddington as an early birthday celebration for mum. We were probably their first customer for that evening!

Korea: Food Town

It was her first time here and she was soo hungry that she just piled up her plate at the first sight of food. Lols !

Located near Seoul Central Mosque, Eid is the one and only Korean restaurant in Seoul that has been Halal-certified by the Korea Muslim Federation (KMF).

Explore Euljiro, the Neighborhood Frozen in Time

Worth-trying if you are a fan of yong tau foo or happened to be at this area!

Download high-res image (817KB) ...

First application of chill sauce over the skewer

Authentic Korean BBQ – Be ready to revel in the buzz of nondescript barbecue restaurants. The voices of grown (and possibly drunk) Korean men may be ...

Gyeongdang (Head Household of the Andong Jang Clan) (안동장씨 경당종택)

This is the one restaurant that should not be judged by looking at just the reviews. Go try it for yourself! For the past 2 years in Saskatoon, ...

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Shrimp dumplings

The well-presented sushi set for two :)

Photo of Jeng Chi Restaurant - Richardson, TX, United States

Photo of Hong Kong Ban Jum ...

I also had their Carbonara before. At $14.00, they give you five slices of bacon. It's true that the main focus should be on cheese and egg sauce (which it ...

tai kwon do korean - Google Search

Enchiladas Verdes $15.99

The tiniest (cute though) ever siu mai (pork dumpling) that I've seen.

Thursday, 27 March 2014

freakZspeaks: Fried Chicken & Claypot Chicken Rice @ Kitchen Delight, Melaka

Nasi Lemak Ayam Goreng @ Village Park Restaurant, Damansara Utama

Hahoe Village in Andong, South Korea. The Unesco World Heritage Site is home to around 70 households from the Pungsan Ryu clan. PHOTOS: KIM JINHA

Apart from the cream puffs, they have a variety of loafs and buns including those healthy seeds loafs! Just pop in if you're around the corner !

Paris Baguette

Nice bar and restaurant especially to cool off in the afternoon!



National Museum of Korea & Seoul Family Park ...

If i'm crazily hungry, likely Haha Thai will not be my first choice for a meal. But if i'm still a little full and i dont feel like squeezing with the crowd ...

Black Dragon roll-Prawn tempura, with cucumber, avocado and salmon. Awesome combination!

I thought it taste very proper. Not awful, not fantastic. Their pork chop is lightly breaded and it goes very well with the wasabe mayonnaise.

image. When you think of Korean Chinese ...

What I had on my plate - First round ;p

We chose Veroba's Family Restaurant (based on reviews and also since it was one not-fast-food-joint that was open).

Kang Keow Wan / Green Curry chicken $11.95

Singapore rice noodle (with curry sauce)

Yeap..this was the FREE half slab-We chose the Hickory and Garlicky BBQ. Not just the free ribs, it came with sides as well!

I do agree on this !

Plastic Surgery is extremely common in South Korea and highly praised. There are advertisements on the television, on the subway, leaflets will be handed ...

서울에서 제일 오래 된 중국집🍲 자극적이지 않고 굴향 가득한 굴짬뽕과 맛있는


Jongka, the traditional Korean family: Exploring jongka food in the context of Korean food categories - Journal of Ethnic Foods


Click to enlarge

Say Cheese-sq beef burger (RM 19.00): A seared patty with double sharp cheddar and sauteed onions

One of the best ice cream I've ever had !


Hard time choosing what we want. They looked so tempting!

Taejong of Joseon