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Pin by Kels on Voltron t Fandom and Manga

Pin by Kels on Voltron t Fandom and Manga


voltron season Keith killed me when he asked her how can she activate the blade. Oh sweet oblivious cinnamon bun

Zombie AU 7/10

Keith and Krolia

Keith / Lance

This is the best thing I have ever seen

Voltron season 4 Ready For Tomorrow!

shit i want him to go to my school

Pidge/Katie Holt from Voltron Legendary Defender

I do that too my sister.

Currently in Voltron Hell

Looks like it's from the actual show but it isn't ^—^


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VOLTRON CRACK - More pics | Voltron | Pinterest | Fandom, Fandoms and Anime

Lance you pos



VOLTRON CRACK - More pics | Voltron | Pinterest | Fandom, Fandoms and Anime

I didn't know this was a reference

Princess Allura and her mother, Queen of Altea from Voltron Legendary Defender

he's still my baby

Billedresultat for klance angst


Keith-traction - pg01

Pin by ❤Yaoi❤ on Voltron: Legendary Defender | Pinterest | Anime, Fandoms and Fandom

Don't ship but omg😂

Pin by Nashi L Dragneel on Voltron (mostly Klance tho XD) | Pinterest | Fandom, Fandoms and Anime


Awww, of course you like him!

Pin by Shannon Fugate on Voltron KAllura | Pinterest | Anime, Fandom and Superwholock

Don't remember. Didn't happen." TBH,

Roy and Shiro < < I thought this the moment I learned about the clone theory

keith | Tumblr

I wanna say Keith's part is my favorite part but Shiro- *sharp inhale* *wheeze*

i don't wanna SCREW him (I'm ace), but damn is he aesthetically pleasing


"Tell us about this pin..." ..? THIS IS AN AMAZING BEAUTIFUL PERSON OHHH MGT GOSH. "

XD I love pictures that don't need words to show what they're talking about

Pin by Rain Hunter on voltron legendary defenders | Pinterest | Anime, Fandoms and Fandom

Image result for trans keith | Voltron | Pinterest | Anime, Psycho pass and Manga

Well, some of the writers and animators for Voltron also worked on AtLA and Korra, so the similarities were inevitable

Pin by Neo Rose on Voltron SAVE ME FROM THIS FANDOM | Pinterest | deviantART, Shiro and Anime

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bonding moments

riccasze: “when u n ur smol bff come up with an elaborate scheme so you can finally hold your crush's hand ”

Whatever you do, don't picture Hiro and Tadashi

Not exactly accurate to Keith but it's really cute so

Voltron: legendary defenders (lance x reader) (discontinued)

A well deserved rest

Pin by Rain Hunter on voltron legendary defenders | Pinterest | Lancing F.C., Anime and Fandoms

We make a good team.

this is a sideblog so i follow back with emuyh! please don't repost

Soul Mates - Klance fanfiction {Voltron Legendary Defenders} Lance x Keith Laith - Blue - Wattpad

Why does this ad look like Annabeth and Piper slept together??? It's like

#voltronlegendarydefender, #voltron, #pidge, #pidgegunderson

Pin by rOseY rAWr on Voltron Family Trash | Pinterest | Lancing F.C., Ariel and Dancers

Animated Photo

Don't ship Keith and shiro but Oml him in the background 😂

I need the rest of this!!

Zombie au. 1/4

Voltron legendary defenders / klance

Yeah you were right. I hope you feel good about yourself dreamworks.

Basically, I will post pictures and comics about Klance (aka my favorite shipping in the series) from Netflix Voltron. I do not own Voltron, its characters ...

宮田◇S7spoilers on

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I like to think that voltron is futuristic avatar

Pidge (Katie Holt) and her brother, Matt from Voltron Legendary Defender

even keith knows

Oh shit I'm in love

I couldn't find the actual pin lmao, this is a fem lance from Voltron I think

VLD fanart - Keith and cat accessories | VOLTRON - Legendary Defenders of the Galaxy | Pinterest | Fanart, Cat and Fandoms

space gays

Klance is the type - Uhhh

I own none of these they go to their respected owners #fanfiction #Fanfiction #amreading #books #wattpad

I already know who it is so don't freaking tell me

voltron legendary defender | Tumblr


Pin by Jojo Mendoza on Voltron Legendary Defenders | Pinterest | Lancing FC, Fandoms and Fandom

voltron lance angst | Tumblr

I didn't draw this but it is amazing so here (klance)

well hello there shiro