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MC x Makoto Voltage Inc Otome Games t Manga

MC x Makoto Voltage Inc Otome Games t Manga


MC x Makoto

#Tsumugu & MC

Voltage Inc. / Kissed By The Baddest Bidder - Eisuke Ichinomiya

MC and I both have hearts in our eyes right now.

It takes two - an Ayato Hidaka fanfiction

Irresistible Mistakes: Toma Kiriya Sweet Surrender | Voltage Inc (Otome Games) | Pinterest | Anime couples, Anime and Manga

Our Private Home Room; A Good Education: Ryota

My Last First Kiss - Makoto <3

My Last First Kiss - Makoto <3

I think you have to purchase all season 1 stories in after school affairs to receive this bonus image. Credit goes to Voltage Inc.

kakiuchii: “ My Last First Kiss JP: Makoto Morimachi season 2 CGs. ©. Voltage GamesMy romanceVoltage IncFirst KissLast ...

My Last First Kiss - Makoto <3

My Last First Kiss - Character Intro

In between dream and reality [semihiatus]

My Last First Kiss Opening Movie

After School Affairs Minor Characters | Voltage Inc Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Interlude with Shingen. Find this Pin and more on Voltage Inc ...

😭it sounded so sad when mc asked that question Main story: Hazuki Season 1

Scandal in the Spotlight

Hot voltage inc guys

Scandal in the Spotlight - Charac Intro


Star Crossed Myth : Scorpio ipod touch/ iphone wallpaper Resource credits:Credits to the creators and owners of the resources I don't know who the.

I bought Rin first, i'm sorry Ichiya u'll hv to wait~

I love otome far more than I ought to.

I liked how he's her first love that's all I gotta say 😂 #voltageinc #


Istg this mc 😂🤦 ♀ Main story: Hazuki Season 1.

In between dream and reality [semihiatus]. Voltage GamesVoltage IncCharacter ...

Pin by Iris on Voltage Inc (Otome Games) | Pinterest | Couple art, Gaming and Anime


And here's our young criminal, Hino! #dangerousseduction #AsukaHino # VoltageInc #voltageincgames

ARMY🎙 Name's a Secret~ 😋 ( @ithakkarr )


Love to the Top. HomeWalkthroughOtome Games

Satsuriku no Tenshi volume 1 cover.jpg

(This game introduced me or more like sucked me in and was the first voltage game I ever played. I'm not sucker for "brother-sister" romance thingy tbh even ...

This mc is gunna kill a man by accident #hidekiishigami #mysweetbodyguard #msb #

#mylastfirstkiss hashtag on Twitter

It's been a while since I've posted (apologizes for the 18239th time) but here I am, once again to shamelessly write about how much I love fictional ...

First Look @ My First Last Kiss by Voltage 1-3【Android/IOS Mobile Games】

Games Like Collar x Malice for Android

[WALKTHROUGH] My Wedding and 7 Rings: Ren Shibasaki season 1 Sequel

Free's Makoto Tachibana has been always one of my biggest fictional curshes since the moment I saw him. I always wished for a way to date with him - and a ...

Heeey! Sorry for being inactive for over 3 months… >>'' But i am back with a silly doodle! Thanks @duckygalaxy for submiting this, i hope you can laugh at ...

BUM Yuma Akagi S1 main story

#otomegames #voltageincguys #voltagevisualromance #voltageinc #love365findyourstory #gifting #anightsdevotion #classtripcrush

A celebrated hero from the Vampire War, Abraham Van Helsing certainly looks the part with his commanding presence and cutthroat personality.

OTBS Tsumugu Kido S2 the proposal

Love Otome Games

MC's universe

My Last First Kiss (Ayato Hidaka) Season 4 - To Have and to Hold


Flying Witch

And with that, Today I'm going to reviewing Voltage Inc's: Kissed By The Baddest Bidder. [KBTBB]

Games Like Catherine


Games Like Katawa Shoujo

MLFK Hiroki Eniwa S1 main story


#otomegames #voltageincguys #voltagevisualromance #voltageinc #love365findyourstory #gifting #anightsdevotion #classtripcrush

Games Like The Flower Shop: Summer in Fairbrook

... but I've been trying to give it a chance. I started playing when Shintaro was released, so I've only completed Shintaro, Makoto, and now ...

... My Last First Kiss screenshot ...

Games Like Sunrider Academy

Games Like Steins;Gate

Chibi Vampire, manga Volume 1.jpg

Game : My Last First Kiss Character : Takamune Kitami x MC © Voltage Inc .

My Last First Kiss screenshot ...

This is so cute 😍 I never get enough with this 😭❤

Games Like Kantai Collection


(One of my favorites from voltage especially Riki's route, and I'm not going to lie I even cried at one point while playing his route because I got so ...

It's time to list my favorite kuuderes! #MyFavoriteArchetypes

she's a star, a goddess above

Games Like Neon Genesis Evangelion: Girlfriend of Steel for Windows

(I mean if you like voltage games and haven't played at least one the routes in this game you are missing a lot of stuff, this game might not be your cup ...

Mitisvenatrix ( @mitisvenatrix )

I'm trash for new games. I can't control my impulse to download them immediately and read through the prologue.



Naomasa Sakura

Games Like Is-it Love? Drogo: Vampire

Games Like In Your Arms Tonight

Dangerous Seduction-Info

Games Like Amnesia: Memories for Android

Ikemen Revolution: Otome Game icon

Games Like ACE Academy

You, the MC, are pursuing your lifelong dream of becoming a screenwriter. It's not easy in a city this big, and your main office is a little coffee shop ...