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I always always choke on my spit BeEXO LOVE t Exo

I always always choke on my spit BeEXO LOVE t Exo


I always always choke on my spit!

Funny kpop Pictures | K-Pop Amino

Conversation [ MONSTA X ] - SMS #14

They spelled Baekhyun* wrong. They spelled it 'girl'

Chanyeol's my dude

My fucking kokoro

Kaisoo ♥

Exo d.o meme

this is actually really cute

→my first and last← Tome 1 ~NCT Dream Z. CL.~

My Namchin #cbx #yixing #exo #indianexol

Beginners guide EXO's Suho ♡

fab as always. Oh plzzzz oh sehun is a beautiful fabulous creature n he knows it!! XD ❤

Jin young basically everyday of his blessed life <----- that's JB tho

#Thanksgiving With Exo - Normally I hate these memes because they're so mean-natured but, gotto admit... When the meme's about EXO'S "instruments".

When Chen sings "you", I imagine his yell from EXO Showtime at the rest stop when a camera gets shoved in his face by another member

#EXO in Dubai being gifted their names in Arabic <3

Prive by BBH~A must have hoodie ~

∾∙♕❁∙∽∘ yoυ ɑʀe ϻʏ ☼ ,ϻʏ☽ ɑɴd ɑʟʟ ϻʏ ✰'s ∘∽∙❁♕∙∾ … | EXO <3 | Pinte…

#exo #xiumin #baekhyun always remember,kids

Honey, I don't care whether you wear the same tshirt for a month, I will always love you!!!

Why he gotta be so rude?

MinSeok...the many faces of baozi

#kpop #memes #funny #exo #sehun #author

Honey, I don't care whether you wear the same tshirt for a month, I will always love you!!! | BeEXO LOVE | Pinterest | Exo, Chanyeol and Park chanyeol

When EXO member Lay and former member Kris attended the same event in 2016

Cheb is literally me :D.

I don't mind, just confess to me kyungsoo. ^^ | allkpop Meme Center

I still love him tho

DO: And if I see one of you mf's dab, I'm kicking

#EXO #ThePowerofMusic #POWER // mv teaser

the one #exo #exocbx #cbx #exofanart #baekhyun #chen #xiumin

171107 Dispatch HD update with #찬열 #CHANYEOL #TOMMYHILFIGER #2

[SCAN] EXO PLANET #4 - The EℓyXiOn Goods PostBook #XIUMIN

Remember when Tao was asked who he want to stroll on the beach with and he answered can't I do it alone?

#Baekhyun [HQ] 180516 #EXO-CBX Magical Circus Tour in Fukuoka

#baekhyun #chanbaek #exo

I'm crying while reading this

//cries :'( I will forever pray that they kept their friendship w/ the EXO-M members who left :'(

Kaiii my biaass

e x o

the time when EXO forgot about Baekhyun xD #exo

My angel, my sweet lovely angel ❤ ❤️

Wuuttt Xiu is it the truth?

Oh Sehun :* Ep 4 EXO Showtime

kyungsoo pics on

Let me laugh and then start crying because I'm laughing so hard

#exo #cbx #exoplanet #lay #sehun #do #kris #suho #tao #xiumin #chen #chanyeol #baekhyun #luhan #kai

Chat para chismes #2 ➡ [EXO]

#EXO #ThePowerofMusic #POWER // mv teaser

kyungsoo's dangerous relationship with creamy things : sexual innuendos and final satisfaction included. (2

Lol D.O is the best


i love one microphone

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monster kai vs monster jongin

Aww they look out and care for each other so well ♡

í dσn't nєєd α mαp, mч hєαrt pσíntѕ tσ чσu

Lay recognizing Mama Suho's place XD>>>Peeps who think Lay ani't sassy need to see this shit!

They're troublemakers

171201 | 박잔열 Park Chanyeol - EXO | MAMA | 12

He was the devil but he was her devil ❤️

Kai the war

#BAEKHYUN #EXO Melon Music Award 171202

It'll never happen 😂

#Baekhyun | 150801 The EXO'luxion in Chengdu

he needs some jisoos

Is Chanyeol stealing Kai's angle??

[HQ] Sehun | EXO 세훈 in 2018 | Pinterest | Sehun, Exo and Kpop


He looks like a "heartbroken" lost puppy


Di taksir cowok ganteng, tinggi, putih, cakep tapi brondong? Suho sih… #shortstory # Short Story # amreading # books # wattpad

$UHO WHAT R U DOIN | Exo | Pinterest | Exo, Kpop and Suho

stay with me → chanbaek

And chanyeol and Niall sorry but turtlenecks are life just like 1D and EXO

Suho was a prince in his past life which is why he is the leader of exo. Once among royalty, always among royalty. Since exo are kings.

When is puberty going to hit me the same | look at his shoulders omg

chanbaek exo lockscreen hd

Oh my god

Kết quả hình ảnh cho chanyeol exo 2017

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Baekhyun EXO Brochure - The EXO'luXion Concert Merchandise

Park Chanyeol Exo, Exo Chen, Suho, Kdrama Memes, Exo Memes, Korean Music, Exo Ot12, K Pop, Got7, Love Of My Life

-ctto | allkpop Meme Center .

EXO reactions - Ihr spielt Videospiele und er verliert EXO-M

What the hell is the scent? What happend to my favorite perfume?

Looks like Kai's noonas loved to make fun of their little brother. xD <---THIS .


When that shitty show separated kerries left and right and top floor but they have no idea how powerful we are.

Kokobop is great but some of the hairstyles are less than that

Imagem embutida

im crying he looks so cute

EXO released more teaser photos just hours before the release of their winter album 'Universe'.The boys have been continuously relea…

1817 x 2452

Legit if I ever met a KPOP idol I wouldn't be able to control my tarts jut because of the mark they have left on me

Why you always lyin. I thought the same thing this dog looks exactly like vivi

Zhang Yixing playing a piano~ <3 <3 he looks so freaking beautiful~ i wouldn't mind hearing his self composed songs~ <3 I LOVE YOU LAY~ you are so darn ...

Can you not imean yeah youre one of my ubs but-