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Hi I39m working on building a small catamaran and I need a sail kit for

Hi I39m working on building a small catamaran and I need a sail kit for


Hi, I'm working on building a small catamaran and I need a sail kit for it. I'm not looking at spending a ton of money. If you have something lying around ...

sea kayak with sailing rig

... work with unstayed mast with windsurfing sails [ IMG]

How to build a roller furler for under $40

Dave Clark

Picture of How to Sail the Boat.

When talking about our boat, Cheeky Monkey, I'm not one to rattle off stats like amp hours, watts, horsepower or, really, anything technical regarding the ...

Hydrofoil sailing - an exhilarating feeling - iFLY15. Maximum performance and stability with T-

Here comes the sleek and powerful Balance 526, the biggest winner of the 2017 BOTY contest.

The Lagoon 52 boasts a wealth of lounging space. Photos courtesy of Outremer

Small Houseboats | Catamaran Kits Crab Claw Cat Sailboat Kit - Shell Boat Kits

Sailing has never seemed so simple. When the wind blows, the Hobie Mirage Tandem Island flies across the water, powered by an expansive, easily tended ...

Joost's family have been using the Viola 14 Sailing Canoe for the last two years camping

Staying within a budget doesn't mean you can't still live the dream

This is a Styrofoam catamaran i built. I had been wanting to build this for a while, then in the last few days of summer i decided to build it.

Best Multihull Cruising boat Under 40ft

Picture of Testing Out the Boat

2018 Seawind 1260 Owners Version

Picture of Testing Out the Boat

Sending a Message in 12,000 Bottles

White Designs : The multihull designer who designed the dragonfly proa

2018 Dazcat 1495 catamaran

Boards packed first

2018 Balance 526

Plan ahead to balance your energy needs with your power-generation and storage systems

Hobie Bravo 2017 Catamaran Sailboat. Double Click To Learn More.

2010 Discovery 50 Catamaran

2007 DH 550

Picture of Testing Out the Boat

Hobie Mirage Tandem Island Kayak Hibiscus 2017. Double Click To Learn More.

It can be tempting to focus exclusively on the numbers when trying to differentiate between the

How much does it cost to sail around the world? The real costs of liveaboard cruising

LEGO Friends Sunshine Catamaran 41317 Building Kit (603 Piece)

Xenia Crewed Catamaran Charter

Hobie Classic Wave Catamaran Sailboat The Hobie Wave is an easy- to-sail, easy-to-rig speedster that will have you smiling. Fun for the family and exciting ...

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The mainsail is sewn with a luff sleeve for a smother flow of air around the

Hobie Class Catamaran Sailboat The is the benchmark boat for performance rotomolded sailing. With its two-layer rotomolded polyethylene hulls, ...

2010 Discovery Cat 50 blue water cruiser

Two Hobie cats sailing in St Vaast, Normandy, France

Performance Sailing & Nacra 17 Foiling Gybes: Q&A with Bora Gulari

2017 Dixon Catamaran

2018 McConaghy Boats MC77

And their bridgedecks,offer lots of well-lit and ventilated living acreage, which will help you enjoy your time under sail.

After first rigging a three-legged system, the author found four legs worked better

Does it drive you nuts to raise the main on a boat with lazy jacks?

The RS Aero is small, sleek, and fast. And, it represents a great value in a day boat. Tom Gruitt/Creating Waves photo.


A move to Australia had been our aim for several years, and we'd agreed to take a year off and go backpacking en-route. But then, during our summer holiday ...

Hobie Getaway Catamaran Sailboat Redesigned Hulls for 2018 Take the party on the water with the Hobie Getaway. If you want to be sailing with friends and ...

multihulls over 50 feet

Nenne Crewed Catamaran Charter

Hobie Mirage Kayak Sail Kit 2017, White-Red

Running: the wind is coming from behind the vessel; the sails are "wing and wing" to be at right angles to the apparent wind.

Discovering the many joys of shallow-water sailing. Photo by Sean Carnell

Scuttlebutt Sailing News

Picture of Boat Terminology and How Basic Sailing Works.

A windy day in Dominica

If you've messed with your Wave, here's the place to let others know about it and for you to get ideas you may not have thought of yet.

In July 1969, he designed and built the first Catalina 22 in North Hollywood, California. This petite, family-friendly cruising sloop was his fledgling ...

Hobie 16 Catamaran Sailboat The Hobie 16 revolutionized multihull sailing. The Hobie 16 was unleashed on the Southern California beach scene in 1970 and ...

A boat's design specs are important, but there's a lot more to choosing the perfect

Mad Max Catamaran Audi Hamilton Island Race Week

The urge to own and run a high-end go-fast boat can powerful

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With modern sailhandling systems, even an older, experienced two-person crew can manage a big boat like this Swan 66, Lionessa.

The Dazcat 1160's performance potential is evident in her thin hulls and daggerboards. Photo courtesy


Morris M29 under sail

Although some sailors choose to just charter periodically or join a sailing club, most aspire to eventually have a sailboat of their own.

We have over 30 Yachts Available!

Best Large Multihull 50ft and above

leonardo yachts eagle 44

Bayraider 20 under sail

We have over 30 Yachts Available!

Walker Bay 8 & 10 Sail Kits

1Q8A9899 (Medium)

Do you need a watermaker to go cruising? What are the pros and cons?

What's the right yacht for an Atlantic crossing? The one you've got now

1. Island Packet 35

Starfish Crewed Catamaran Charter

[ IMG] Picture of two Iceflyers

Salvaging a Storm Damaged Sailboat

1Q8A9643 (Medium)


Picture of How to Build a Wood Sailboat ...