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HOHOHO Exo t Memes Exo and Kpop

HOHOHO Exo t Memes Exo and Kpop


im fine reaction meme

do kyungshook

Apple iPhone XS 64GB - All Colors - GSM & CDMA UNLOCKED. Meme facesFUNNY FACESTaehyungEXO ...

me knowing that Lay isn't in EXO's comeback

Omg this is me when someone's saying that kpop ...

Chat para chismes ➡ [EXO]. K pop memes ...


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wat happened to ur hair?

Lol that person out of kpop so long that they don't even know exo

If I were a leader in a kpop group, this would also be my introduction · Exo ...



someone: *mentions exo*

i honestly hate one-sided fans who choose to stan one person in a group. im not saying you can't bias anyone, but at least appreciate all the other members. ...

Baekhyun decide crear un nuevo grupo, junto a sus amigos, especialm… #fanfic # Fanfic # amreading # books # wattpad. "

So beautiful, beautiful~

No those flower are for ME ♥

I don't think I've ever found a picture that captures my day-to-day mood more accurately than this one of sehun, wowowow

Hah that's funny xD

... exo, protector hohoho. Baek is so done with Suho and his dad jokes

But if you aren't aware of Korean culture, and how things work in kpop groups, you'll be freaked out. I would probably have my best friend do this too.

ah yes yes, i probably should

I wonder if this is what happened when fans accidently sent in their fanfics to chanyeol's address XD LOL/////XDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

When EXO member Lay and former member Kris attended the same event in 2016

Yup arnt they beautiful. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

OMG i can't even WUATTTT

Poor Kai 😂😂 you must do something to take D.

haha actually i think its the other way round ^^ the only things im good at are math and fangirling!

Chen is done with your bullshit

When my friend says no to the best idea ever and i say yeEeees BitCh😏

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*raises hand* Me rn with the whole EXO-L vs BTS stuff.... I'm a fan of both groups, can't we all just get along?

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Oh Sehun the meme lord

Sehun - 160729 Exoplanet - The EXO'rDium in Seoul Credit: DownSouth-UpNorth. < < "Stunning" doesn't even begin to cover it. both his eyes and how he uses ...

lol exo funny joke d.o kyungsoo funny meme

Lay awww lay such a lovely member! I love xiumin no matter what pre-debut nd now!❤❤❤ loving lay for telling xiumin that !

🌼ICONS KPOP🌼. SehunEXO ...

are we back to this sh*t again

Memes kpop - 004

so called fangirl: omg i love suga!!11!! [sees agust d] so called fangirl: oh he's hot, who is he? | Favs | Pinterest | Fangirl, Memes and Exo

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minstripseok: Staff: Um… Ms, we're extremely... - · LoveK popEXO MEMESSuho ...

Anécdotas del Barrio Chino y Alrededores (exo/fanfic) -


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exo meme english - Google Search

2016 EXO CALENDAR. See more. I think you two have an explanation to do ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

ChanBaek & HunHan & ChanLu

HAHAHAHAHAHA i can't, i cant handle the facial expression of Momma Suho · EXO KKpop: ...

Chanyeol is the definition of a meme. I love him

True. K-drama MemesEXO MEMESSo trueKorean ...

Do u have something to settle with ?? K memeEXO ...

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Flutterin india or we got married with minho (shinee) and suho (exo)


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Porque Exo no se puede quedar sin su chat de peleas y chismes … #fanfic # Fanfic # amreading # books # wattpad

Very fashionable

allkpop Meme Center

❝What happens when you search the wrong username?

Me when I have to wake up early

Shookho · Reaction picturesFunny memesEXO ...

Thuis fandom is a bit weird.

Me having an inside joke 😏

oH NO. I know it's against code but this is why I switched my bias · Suho ExoExo ...

when someone claims someone as “theirs” and doesn't understand other people are · EXO MEMESFunny kpop ...

Omfg EXO being memes is what I live for

Me everytime bts breaks some record

I cannot with this goof ball. Who said he's cold? He's a baby · Dankest memesEXO ...

Kaisoo *___*

Resultado de imagen para exo memes en español

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Jaden wants to be a kpop star · JADEN SMITH Will SmithExO.

yaqui que fuera asi compa

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Happy birthday to this troll. I hope you have an awesome day Sehunnie, you flouncy amazing butternut squash with sehbooty for days


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Does it look like i care? nope

#Exo #kai #memes

Exo Memes


minseok is amused by yixing's gentlemanly act

Hobi what're u doin

< i totally love Lay's face at the end!

Um meme mto coerente

Exo Derps "Lmao >w <"

Chanyeol DO meme

D.O. ain't having none of your sass. #DO #kyungsoo #judgingsohard · ChansooChanbaekKpop: EXOExo ...

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chanyeol | We Heart It. EXO MEMESEXO ...

TrollKing: wtf this was supposed to be abt memes not the derp King Oh Sehun