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2017 The Liar and His Lover quot

2017 The Liar and His Lover quot


Han-gyul sets his metronome and sits down to give So-rim's recording of his song a listen. He finds the beginning instrumental messy and moves to turn it ...

The Liar And His Lover 2017, TVN Lee Hyun Woo couple Joy (red velvet)

The liar and his lover

“The Liar and His Lover” Dizisinin Uzun Fragmanı Yayımlandı » Güney Kore Sineması

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Kanojo wa uso wo aishisugiteiru Poster. A love ...

The liar and his lover

Han-gyul sets his metronome and sits down to give So-rim's recording of his song a listen. He finds the beginning instrumental messy and moves to turn it ...

Han-gyul takes the phone from her and tells his sunbae that he wanted to meet So-rim to congratulate her.

So-rim's band is disqualified as she stands frozen, unable to sing past the memories of her childhood. Her friends leave the stage, but she stays rooted to ...

A self-aware hero is more fascinating than an obtuse one, and I can't wait to find out more about what makes this genius songwriter tick.

One of the producers comes in to tell Han-gyul that they found a replacement band for the recording, thanks to Chan-young. Even as everyone sighs in relief, ...

“That day was the first time,” Jin-hyuk says, making Han-gyul freeze. “My going to Yoo-na's house. So don't feel betrayed.” If that was supposed to make ...

These kids just can't catch a break. When scandals break out, they're usually nothing but online articles that we can exit out of. But for those involved, ...

He promises that he won't and squeezes her even tighter. Jesus, we're only five minutes in and I'm already a sobbing mess.

Han-gyul arrives at Yoo-na's house to see Jin-hyuk kissing Yoo-na goodbye. He rushes at Jin-hyuk with a yell, but Yoo-na stops him.

With his heart in his eyes, he confesses that he likes her. So-rim runs into his arms, and they hold each other tightly.

Red Velvet's Joy criticized for her poor acting on 'The Liar and His Lover'

So-rim and her Liar finally get a chance to freely experience the breathless happiness of opening themselves up to love. Han-gyul has decided to put aside ...

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After Han-gyul admits how much he likes her, So-rim smiles against his back, saying that she liked him from the start and likes him even more now.

The Liar and His Lover #japanese #movie

Cut to: Han-gyul wearing headphones and belting out a Crude Play song, practically shaking as he tries to block So-rim's singing out his head.



Upcoming South Korean Drama 'The Liar and His Lover' Reveal Posters | Koogle TV

... Lee Seo-Won ...

Lee Hyun-Woo, Joy, The Liar and His Lover ...

(L-R): Lee Seo-won, Joy and Lee Hyun-woo at the drama's press conference on 14 March 2017

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Kanojo Wa Uso Wo Aishisugiteru or The Liar and His Lover #japanese #drama

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[PREV] #RedVelvet #JOY • 170314 'The Liar and His Lover'

so rim and her band in school - The Liar and His Lover Korean Drama | a new kind of HOBBY | Pinterest | Korean drama, Ordinary girls and Korean


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Joy · the-liar-and-his-lover

Joy Lee Hyun Woo Lovely Love Lie (The Liar and His Lover) MARCH 20

Lee Hyun Woo & Joy Onscreen Couple for The Liar and His Lover Drama 2017

Filmroll The Liar and his Lover - Film Screenshot 2 ...

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The Liar and his Lover - Film Screenshot 1

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The Liar and His Lover ( 2017 ) 🥀 | . . . 🥀


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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

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The Liar

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